Tuesday 16 August 2011

AOC Portland Milo State Park, Chinook Camp, Lewis and Clark Eco-phsycology group 16 August 2011

 I have to say that I do not have a lasting impression of the exercise.  I could have benefitted from more frontloading about the relationship between visioning a change in the world and the thought I was to hold onto.  I did not write anything, as it was to positionally awkward to hold the depth gauge and hold a notebook.  Instead I preferred to simply hold the gauge, often changing my hand position to see how this felt (I liked holding it high, like a staff).  The most interesting thing I did was change my field of view.  I was on the edge of the group and would periodically change positions so I was looking at the group, and then facing out away from the group, so all I could see was nature.  It was interesting because it elicited feelings of being alone, versus amongst a group.  So, this is what I have for you.  I hope this feedback is useful.  Feel free to ask me any follow up questions.

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