Friday 10 October 2014

SA AoC at the Cape Town Science Center 9 October 2014

I love music.  I love dance.  Anything that involves art I love, but I would also love to help people and to think about natural life.  What would happen if we had no sun, no water and no plants?  We really don't know if the cures to many incurable diseases are in plants that are around us.Today I finally got to notice that the sky was just plain blue, no white clouds. It is really beautiful when you set a time to just think about the positive.  (Rita)

I love art.  Painting is the best thing about art for me.  I enjoy building structures like a house made out of a box and decorating my house and inside it.  But the best thing I like is to be alive and to have my beautiful family that cares about me and my parents would do anything to provide for us. And I thank God to be alive and to be here on this day.  (Jemima)

I love animals
I love the rain
I love fire during winter
I love the sounds of crickets
I love storms and hail
I love sitting in the sun
I love birds and butterflies
I love the sounds of people talking
I love the smell of coffee
I love the texture of fabrics
I love sitting in busy places and looking at the people walking past
I love my family and friends and people who I meet
I love my life

A rock is a beautiful thing.  It is thousand years old and formed from the past (either from sand sediments or molten rock).  I admire plants.  They attempt the impossible.  They reach for the sky. They never quite get there. They will never touch the sun.  But at least they try.

I think this is what is important in life.  Not succeeding, winning or getting all of your dreams, but trying, even if it is difficult or near impossible.  Then you won't think "what if...." or "I could have...." You can think "I did." (Danny)

I find the time worn rocks and stones beautiful.  The wonderful herbal scent of the wild fynbos (heather) is beautiful.  I realize how small and insignificant you are compared to the great mountains, sky and oceans.  But with that feeling of smallness, there is also the realization that much can be shared or contributed.

I love my family, who allow me to open my heart to the beauty of the world.  I love the sound of the wind out on the open natural spaces.  It whistles through the pine needles and rustles the leaves.  The grasses sway, move and dance.  Sometimes they are peaceful and romantic, sometimes wild and crazy, like in a tribal dance  I love the beautiful birds and sweet frogs and minute small insects.  They wild flowers have the most saturated and surreal colours with the most unimaginable complex patterns and designs.  And I love the sweet, beautiful fresh air.  (Scott).

I'm looking at the value of just being, and the value that all life has because it just is.  We're sensual and alive but we're taught to forget this.  We are taught so much about competition and achievement and who does the best, or how clever each child is.  But when you are outside, with something far more vast and profound, these other things seem unreal.  I realize we can just be, and we can feel, share, question and listen to each other.  (Nicci)

I like having the jacket and standing with the pole because I feel proud. (Thaakier).

Thank you SA AoC and to Nicci Attfield for facilitating this process and all the photographers for the images.

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