Thursday 15 January 2015

Danny Attfield Reflects on SA AoC in 2014

Agents of Change helped me rediscover what I realize is a very deep respect for nature.  It helped me express my feelings about the environment and my anger and sadness about what people have done to the Earth.

Agents of Change itself allows discussion about the environment without making anyone feel guilty or telling people  "It is your fault that there is global warming because you don't recycle!" It also taught me about the environment and how everyone is connected.

It gave me a space to feel very peaceful and write poems or meditate even when I was feeling upset or anxious.

I think that Agents of Change has helped me to become a more calm person and worry a bit less about everything in general.  It is nice to think of solutions instead of just stating that there are problems or scaring everyone into not leaving their taps to drip because it would basically lead to the collapse of society.

Agents of Change has helped me believe that I can actually help, even if my contribution is small.  Ripples always start out small.  Thank you Agents of Change.

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