Saturday 17 October 2015

AoC South Africa, Simonstown Penguin Festival, 10.16.15

Witnessing and hearing the responses from our peers was something which was unexpected, but shows/gave us insight on what they felt about our current situation.  The impact from hearing the approach we could use with the public so they have a positive reaction when in the beginning they were so nonchalant about it.  The curiosity sparked in the people when we were amongst the crowds gave us an opportunity to explain and educate the public of Seaforth, and tourists among them.  The responses received were positive, and overall a positive outcome!! (no name)

Dear Earth....Earth - a planet amongst the galaxy.  Infested with 9 billion human species.  Of these 9 billion, more than 3/4 damage the earth/ nature.  But why?  The nature of earth does not have a voice, so we cannot communicate with earth.  (Literally).  The small things we do can make a big difference.  Being positive human beings can make a huge difference.  There is so much things to think of...but it is so difficult to persuade people to deviate from western culture, because we are all brought up in that manner.  Let's save planet earth.  (Gershwin).

Today, getting to have a listen on the group's conversation revolving around the change in climate and the impact that we as earth's inhabitants have on our none renewable resources was an interesting start to my day.  I got a lot of insight to why we as humans only are willing to act when danger stares in the face.  By then it is too late. I would surely love to become more involved in making change, no matter the size.  Today was much enjoyed.  (Bradley).

I have learned a lot today about our only home in the cosmos which is earth.  I have learned that many people do harm on this planet.  People pollute, litter, and they dump dirty things in the oceans.  And they don't even see that what they are doing is very wrong, because what of what society and a system has put in their brains.  The human species is killing their home, and some people are trying to do something to stop and teach people about this, but people don't want to listen.  This wonderful blue planet is dying, and we are going to do something about it.  (Maneli).

Climate change affects people and animals too.  Looking for a new planet won't solve things.  The process is perpetual.  We will deplete all natural resources, like we are about to do here.  (Nina).

God created us.  He knew very well we would create all this 'climate change' so I think he (God) is going to do something about it.  Nature will fix itself.  Le Chartelier agrees with this.  So god will do something to oppose this growing rate of climate change.  (Somelele).

Ek was baie beindiuk oor wat vandaag plaats gevind het.  Om te sien hoe babe mensen om gee oor ons omgewing.  As n natuur hebber is die grootse eer wat ek kon by woon.  Ek wil graag verder n verskil maak in die lewe van diere net in die see - niet maar ook op land.  Ek wil n verskil maak waar ek kan ook in die lege van mensen wat niet so bevroeg is soos anders is nie.  My noem naam is Pikkewyn en dis seker een van die rede hoekom ek so lief vier diere is.  (Levonia "Pikkewyntjie')
Translation from Afrikaans to English:
I was very impressed about what took place today. To see how many people care about the environment makes it a great honor for me to be part of this as a nature lover. I would like to continue to make a difference in the lives of sea and land animals. I would also like to make a difference in peoples lives. My nickname is Penguin' and that is possibly the reason why I love these creatures so much. (Levonia "Penguin")

Thank you very much guys for your time that you shared with us.  I personally appreciate it once again, thank you.  I hope to see you again, contact me when you have another function.  (Nemkhizeh).

Today was a very good day honestly because the topic has been on my mind ever since being conscious and seeing things in a different perspective, and I feel like I want to do something about it and I'm not just saying that, I really do, but there are somethings holding me back aswell, but none the less today was awakening and it was amazing getting to see everyones opinions on everything.  (Lelethu).

Today, I received the assurity of freedom of choice and freedom of life.  I realised that trying to force people to think the way I'll think or am thinking, is creating wars that may have been put to rest (Hitler).  Thank you for reminding me that people need love, even though their way of thinking leads, or is the cause of their ignorance to what is happening around them.  God Bless.  (Jodie)

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