Saturday 3 July 2010

South Beach San Francisco 3 July 2010

I was struck by the gentle, subtle and introspective nature of this intervention. Usually, I think of interventions as frantic actions fraught with nervousness that mirror the crisis nature of the situation being addressed. Agents of Change, however, mindfully sought to be the change we seek. Practicing deep listening before the intervention, seeking out a calm locale for our work, and releasing any pressure to be any way other than I am by meditating on the waters
before I had my conversations with random passersby was a radically new way to approach the work for me. Can it be any wonder that so many people talked with me in such a short time and that my conversations about global warming and rising sea levels flowed with a miraculous ease? This does give me much food for thought and encourages me to think of releasing inner pressures as a genuine form
of activism. When we are gentle with ourselves, we allow the world around us to flow with ease and arrive at the solutions we need. By Anthony Williams

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