Wednesday 9 September 2015

SA AoC Reflection that Nicci sent 22 August 2015 South Africa

I can imagine a future where each person has to carry a plant around with them because there's no guarantee that there will be enough oxygen wherever they are going.  I think (hope) that this is just imagination and that this will never happen.  But I can still imagine it being a possibility and I think that that is a problem.  People shouldn't have to live in a world where everyday we worry about the future.  It's very sad and this is why we, as humans, should be sustainable.  It is not something to fix at the 11th hour or the 99th minute, because sometimes things are beyond fixing and as time goes much more slowly for the Earth.  It took the Earth millions of years to get where it is today, do you think that anything will change fast?  It won't.  Fortunately it seems that people are aware of this and more and more people are changing their thoughts and ways every day.  This is what make me feel a bit better. These thoughts circle continuously in my brain. Whenever people bring up the future and what it could be like one day if we don't change, I start to panic. People don't like change, what I they don't change?  Then I remind myself that people are changing, even if it's slowly and that's good.  We as individuals need to be sustainable and plant some trees or something, because think about it - one day it could be a lot more difficult lugging your personal plant around with you than it is to plant few more now.

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