Tuesday 15 October 2013

MAP 2013, Eastfield College, Dallas Texas, 7 October 2013

 -Mine started off with a sense of I was sure I knew everything in my life and that there were only one/two routes possible for life. Within your explanation, “potential-thinking process,” I caught myself believing everything I have only been taught. I came to the realization that all choices/situations have limited to unlimited opportunities. At first, I questioned, “What made him believe he knows what he is speaking about?” I had always seen point-of-views from my military aspect and never truly my own. After seeing that, I questioned everything I have ever learned and how it was set up to “herd” me through assembly lines to work until I die, which reinforces that I am just a number. I asked myself if it was something I truly believed in, or was it psychological warfare to say it until I gave in to believing it? Then, I began looking at everyone else. I began seeing numbers, instead of people, built to keep this machine well oiled. I began doing everything that everyone has ever tried to prevent me from doing because I knew that I had done my best for him or her, but lost my sight. Now, my sight is back and my dwindling flame has been refueled to help any and every one who has their hand up, whether they know it or not, and fight for humanity as a whole again . By Gerrod

Because of my current viewpoint on climate change I felt that the AOC process perhaps would not affect my thinking in a profound way. Throughout the process I tried to connect directly to my concerns.  I know that climate change is imminent and that it will have catastrophic effects, so for me this wasn't like having a lightbulb go off.   However, the process of donning the life preservers, holding the 3 meter sticks, and writing in the AOC journal assisted me in creating a very direct and bodily connection to the fact of sea levels rising and the potential effects.  It wasn't difficult to come to a realization about climate change or to know that it affects me on a deep level.  What was difficult was the act of remaining open and connected to my concerns, an integral part of  the AOC process.  I've since realized for me that the in order to connect to my conerns I need to remain present with both my mind and my body.  This project has driven me to strive for connectedness and being present. By Iris.

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