Monday 7 April 2014

Muizenburg South Africa 5 April 2014

Agents of Change and the way the process breaks down the divides has been very inspiring (and even made a slight crisis in a way).  I have never experienced people feeling so open and free to talk, or sharing the bonds between us in such an open way.  I can only think it is about breaking out of work/social identity.  It is something I would love to keep doing, because the process has massive impacts on my life and the way that I want to see and relate.  A person in our group spoke about the very gentle non-invasive process last time, and it is that way, but it's also the emotional meaning which gets shared without any defense, and the way the public interact so freely which has been so inspiring...Nicci 5 June 2014 

Global warming is part of the earth's cycle but there is a need to adapt our day to day activities.  
Change is inevitable but  we reflect on why and what will happen.  So there is a need for awareness, but also an explanation, if this then that, action and reaction.  There's a ripple effect.  So the idea of social sculpture creating an awareness without imposing ideas needs to happen on a more regular basis.  It's almost like a silent protest (in effect it is).  The sculpture element would be much stronger if more people participate.  Eye contact is an important skill to get people to interact, because people are inherently shy!

 For me, this process was very different to the last one.  I enjoyed facilitating.  The thoughts which came up, based on the theme, how do I work in the world, connected to vulnerability.

In part, today related to a recent twitter debate where a writer of satire was called misogynist, and the vulnerability I associated with putting work out and my own feelings of vulnerability at getting involved in the debate.

Wearing the very bright orange jacket I felt both protected and exposed at the same time.

I'd positioned us out I the way of the main beach and the surfers, and I wondered if this was related to my own feelings of vulnerability.

We were. Very accepted by the public, who were shy to approach us, but also congratulated is on our efforts.  We felt very welcome, though the public was as shy as I was.  All in all, there was a sense, for me, of shyness, interaction and acceptance, which recurred throughout the process.

The idea of global warming is overwhelming.  You, one, versus the billions of people out there;  can we as a collective change?  Will my singular being have an effect (globally)?  Yes, butterfly effect does happen far enough - does it effect enough people; enough to change them to make a difference?

People are shy.  Children are less uninhibited and more curious.  Although I think of the above, it does not upset me or make me despondent because I believe in God; who is in charge of everything.  That does not make me irresponsible but even more with a sense of responsibility.  If someone gives you a gift, do you go out and destroy it?  I don't.

On the beach I realized my insignificant size in the world and how small are my related worries.  At the same time there was the realization that small things can have big impacts and so I must be cautious of my impact on the world.

I contributed to the project/sculpture by taking photographs.  That way I can bring in the skills I have.  It is interesting to take photos of the members of the social sculpture as each of them think in their own and different ways.  I understand better how tall 3m actually is by trying to fit in the poles in the photographs.  3 m is. Very big difference.

Everything is very quiet and peaceful.  All I can see is the wind, the sea and the playful screams of children.

One member of the public thought we were life savers and asked if he could swim.  We became aware of the power of jackets/uniform from this.

Person one:  this is a capitalist world.  We rely on fossil fuels.  I worry about political will in a political world.  People are capable of creating change, but politicians and commerce block possibility.

2). Is global warming a natural process, like the ice age, or do people add to it?

3). Global warming film festival showed me the dangers of the ecological state of our world.  I've started recycling and dividing my rubbish.  If everybody does a little bit, all the parts make Iona whole.  But I hope the water level doesn't rise too quickly because I don't want to move out of Cape Town.

The thing with nature, it needs to be really bad before people take notice and start changing.  It needs to effect them directly, eg flood.

Throwing out our fridges helps.  There has been a nice age before.  Why should there not be another one?

Well done, it is a great job you are doing!

All Photographs were taken by Danny Attfield.

Thank you to each Agent of Change for collaborating and to Nicci for shaping and guiding this AoC process in South Africa.

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