Wednesday 12 November 2014

AoC SA Science Center Cape Town 12 November 2014

Dandelion is my favorite flower.  I feel very happy about it. It smells good.  It keeps away the mosquitoes and the flies (Edwin).

I like to play outside.  I like the flowers that grow.  And I like to sit under the tree, where it is shady.  It is very nice in the shade. I can throw down blankets and sleep under the shady trees.  I love nature and plants.  I also love to read and to play netball.  At my house I play with a skipping rope.  I feel very happy, and good when people listen to me.  I like flowers very much.  My flower's name is Iris and she is pretty.  When it rains, she opens up. I want to look after flowers when I grow up.  Some flowers don't smell good but there is a reason for this.  The reason is that they keep mosquitoes away.  My flower's colours are white, brown, purple and yellow.  The bees drink the nectar of the flowers.  The bees make sweet honey. (Denishe).

I feel very happy when people listen to me.  If people don't listen to me, then I won't listen back.  I like Dandelion flowers.  They are very nice flowers.  I want to look after flowers.  They give people and animals food.  We care nicely for our flowers.  The bees come to drink nectar from them.  (Tamzin)

I like to play outside, that is very fun for me.  Outside, I can also play in the sand.  I also like to play rugby.  I liked to look at the flowers.  (Winston).

I don't really like to be outside.  I can get burned by the sun.  I like to play soccer, that is my favourite sport.  I like to listen. It sounds like someone tells me stories.  I liked having a dandelion in my hand.  The stem is nice and I liked it.  I like flowers(Riana).

I like art, and when I am at home I like to draw.  I like it when people listen to me and my friends.  Today, I found a very, very beautiful flower.  I like the colours which are white, purple, yellow, green and brown.  It is a beautiful Iris flower. (Micaundre).

I like Dandelion flowers.  They are very beautiful to me.  I want to look after them, because they are beautiful.  My grandpa is a botanist.  We have a flower garden at home.  We look at it, and every two days, we give it water.  Bees sit on the flowers.  Flowers are very special and beautiful.  Just as special as I am.  (Nazley).

I don't like to be outside because it is very dangerous. I feel very happy.  I like Dandelions, and I like flowers very much (Riedwhaan).

I like outside very much, because I can play with my friends. I like nature and flowers.  I also like to sit under the trees and read my book.  I also like to play outside with my skipping rope.  I enjoy being outside and playing outside.  I love the blue sea.  I also like reading very much.  It helps me to communicate with my school work.  When I have finished my schoolwork, I read.  My flower's name is Iris.  Its colours are white, purple and yellow, and hte stem is green.  I have flowers in my garden and every day I give them water.  Some flowers give us honey (Anthea)

I like being outside because I need to get the fresh air. I like to watch the children play, and to pick flowers. I like to play with my friend.  It felt calm to listen and respect him, and it is very fun to listen to each other.  I have a flower named Pentas.  I love the flower because it is beautiful and colourful.  It's colour is pink (Milla).

Thank you Nicci Attfield for facilitating this beautiful process today and to everyone for these lovely images.

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