Wednesday 5 November 2014

SA AoC at the Science Center in Cape Town 5 November 2014

Do I like nature?  Yes I do because it is beautiful and graceful.  I hate it when people destroys places we like.  It is unfair what they do because animals is living out there.  I love playing with animals because they are almost like human beings.  Today I thought that all the things I looked at are as special as I am. (Zoey)

I like the world outside.  I like blue sea.  I like the flowers and all the things because it is nice to me and fun.  I also like the nice blue mountains with the sea around it.  It looks nice to me.  I also like the cars.  It is a lot of fun to me.  And I also like cooking and baking because it is fun also.  It is special because it is nice.  I also like me because I'm special.

When I look at the flowers, I think the flowers is also special like you.  How bright that color is.  You are also bright and special like that flowers. (Chrisandra).

I like to be outside because it describes South Africa, the green describes the green world.  Outside is beautiful and colorful so I like it outside.  I like watching movies also because they are exciting.  I like movies because sometimes they make you understand how difficult life is.

Outside, I first saw the tree and I thought they are also helpful to the world and many people don't see it that way.  The trees give us shadow and shadow is very important for the people and the animals (Anita).

I like to be outside because it is nice and we can play because all the children want to play outside and my friends play sometimes in the gardens.  My best game is soccer.  I like it because all the boys play soccer.  Today, I love that tree because it is nice for me and other children.  The children can sit under the tree. (Alexis)

I like to play outside because its the land and our yard is green.  And I like to play at the park, because there is fun.  If it's spring then I like to play outside because in spring the flowers are beautiful.  And I like to play sports like netball, soccer, tennis.  I like to cook food.  Cook is very important to me because one day I want to be a chef.  I like the sand because it is soft and clean.  And I like myself because I am respectful and nice to people (Chantel).

 Today was a lovely experience for me too.  I think the children felt valued when they listened to each other and shared, because they speak about being special quite a lot.  I also think some connected to the outside that way too.  They were very sensual and interactive with the outside spaces, and the Science Centre is quite lovely for that. (Nicci)

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