Monday 6 October 2014

SA AoC at Mouille Point - Cape Town 5th October 2014

A blanket of cool air surrounds the sea
Blowing away all heat from the sun
The wind's fingers leave traces of salt on my face
A gift, a memory.
"Remember me." says the ocean.
"I am coming.
I will cover the earth.
I will cool the scorched lands with my body.
I will heal the earth's wounds with my tears.
Remember me."

How could we keep our environment clean?  Look at the sea :)  Look how beautiful.  You could write so many poems while you breathe and smell the air.  Do we want to keep it this way?  Many might say yes, but not really try.  What beautiful things we have, but haven't noticed.  Stop pollution!!  I think we should stop things that are opposing natural life.  (Rita)

What I love about the world is there are many things to see and do and explore the world.  You learn different things like exploring the ocean and it is so cool and awesome and you could come here and experience your feelings and fears before you die.  (Jemima)

Today, I was in a space of complete beauty, with the mists rolling over the mountain and wetting my face and my hair.  I couldn't see where I was going, and this has been what I've feared for a little while.  Where do I go with the new understandings and new insights?  I don't want to go back to the way I used to see things.  And yet, as I watched the waves, and I watched the way they ebbed and flowed, I saw that this is okay.  There is anxiety, and then insight, then anxiety in a complete and continual process, but it is nothing to be scared of.  It's about allowing change and development, and then letting it go to make space for something new, in a continual motion.  Ideas build and break and transform.  I don't have to hold onto anything or fear losing it.  (Nicci)

Before we got to there, and I saw the mist blowing in, i was hoping it wouldn't be cancelled, because it was too cold.  But it was more enveloping than cold.  It wasn't a freezing mist, and you couldn't see it, except that it gathered on people's hair to make little pearls.  I thought that it was like the seasons, summer with the warmth, then winter and each of them bring gifts.  I looked at the rocks gleaming, and I thought about our beautiful world.  I looked at the mist, which transforms into droplets, and then how they form something bigger than they are.  I look at climate change, and how you feel small, but gathering together, you form droplets and then a river.  I thought about the people who gathered together against climate change, and how in New York, they gathered together to form a surging river, and I knew that there is hope.  The world is so beautiful, and it will continue, but the sadness is that people could lose it.  But if we stand together, then I have hope.

This past week, I have been thinking just how as humans, we forget that we are actually organic, and not mechanical.  So much about modern life is technical, mechanical and theoretical.  The world was made and it gradually developed and there is a balance.  Food, nutrition and sunlight are provided for us.  It doesn't come from pharmacy, vitamins or powerade.  It is provided for us, and animals live with sun and grass, outside.  We are the same.  But we forget that we are created to be a part of this world, not to try to recreate it. (Scott)

Public reflections:

How long will it take for the sea levels to rise like this?  What can we do about it?  Recycling isn't going to prevent this.  What can we do?  Well done for showing us this.

Look at where the top of the pole is.  All those flats will have water right through them.  Who is going to stop it?  It's a good thing that you are doing.

You are going out in the mist.  Don't go swimming in the sea when it's so cold.  But it's good that you are showing everybody what's going on.

Thank you Nicci, Danny, Rita, Jemima and Scott.

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