Thursday 10 December 2015

AoC SA, Rondebosch East Primary School, 8 December 2015

Justin:  I enjoyed being outside with my friend.  I enjoyed learning about climate change.

I learned that the climate changes the water level (Abdul)

I learned that if you listen and your partner speaks you will know what each are feeling (Andrew).

I liked about this was when I was asked questions about the environment (Shaked).

I liked that they are trying to teach us about the world (Sarah Jane).

I enjoyed communicating with my friends and interacting with the presenters (Haneem)

It's not just the professionals that make a difference.  Your voice does too.  If you going to change, change for the better...your voice counts. #World Peace.  ( Aleker)

This project has really got me concerned about pollution and all the types of pollution.  I felt very confident and special when I got to share or express my
feelings with somebody I can trust.  I learned that you can make a difference, starting at home, at school or a nearby park.  Even by closing a leaking tsp just shows you've made a major difference.  Acting as a mediator, cleaning a nearby park or helping the elderly has shown you've made a small difference.  And who knows?  Maybe someone has seen you doing something special they'll follow in your footsteps and then the next person...eventually it'll become a daily thing, changing our generation.(Siyanda).

I felt good listening and speaking to a person who understands me (Kai).

I found out that we should not waste water or pollute water. Climate change is happening fast so find ways to save South Africa please.  I hope my voice is heard.  (Fadlurhman).

I found out that you can achieve many things in life and about climate change.  And world peace.  And I love the lesson of today I had been inspired.  (Ayabonga).

I found out that the water levels will be really high in the future (3m high).  I hope that we do not pollute because it will be hard to breathe.  (Said).

Today I enjoyed the project when we had to talk to your friend and express your feelings about this world.  I really enjoyed this.  All the best.  (Virginie).

Today I learned that the change is for the better.  I learned that in an agency everyone has a voice and everyone gets a chance to speak and listen (Sarbirah).

Today I learned that everybody has a voice in the world and we can make the world a better place by speaking.  (Emaan).

I learned that when you work with agency you work with respect because when you talk to each other you want them to respect you, and you listen to them.  (Al-Keisha).

My thoughts were good because I think it came to the children and that in the world everyone has a place.  It came to me and changed my mindset.  I have a lot to tell my parents.  And I know something is going to change someday (Caitlyn).

I just want to thank Agents of Change who made time to come to our school.  Today I learned that everyone has a voice and everyone needs a turn to speak and listen.  (Quania).

I learned that everyone can make a difference and all our voices need and can be heard.  (Tatum).

I want to ask why we don't have a good police force to fight against ABUSE.  People are abused, and abuse and mess up our planet.  Most police forces have stations for different crimes.  Why not litter and dumping.  All they do is make them pay fines.

We need some progress in our country.  WE NEED CHANGE AND WE NEED IT FAST!!!!! (Grace).

I Mihle am a good listener and I like to listen and speak but the most I normally give people the chance to be heard because one word can make a difference.  Give others the chance to be heard.  But you must also be heard.  Thank you.

Today I learned a lot.  What I like about what I learned is listening and speaking.  This was a good help to me and most people who never gave others s chance to speak when you are having a conversation.  I would like to thank Agents of Change for what they did. (No name).

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