Sunday 10 January 2016

Reflection on the relationship between our Agency of Change and Democracy

I think that if we are able to experience a mystery we have the ability to discover its potential.

In this way I think about AoC and our relationship with Democracy- these are both qualities with potential that we experience in the world,... we try to cultivate them by trying to think  through the concepts and forms we have shaped for them- to become humane?
I think it is a deep relationship with our sense of this quality -our Agency of Change- that is the life force for discovering the potential of  Democracy: our sense of  intention, our sense of honesty, our sense of sovereignty, our sense of fraternity and our sense liberty. It is always hard work to be in touch with this quality, but especially when we have to dig through the -assumptions of 'who we are'- that others have made of us and for us- .It is hard work as a result of the impoverishing systems that disconnect us from our sense of this quality, it is hard work to constantly have to generate a will for this quality when it is eroded by ignorance.
We should work at finding this quality in ourselves and from the value of our exchanges in our relationships with all beings, so that we can cultivate the real potential of this mystery- Democracy is every beings right which comes with a responsibility to discover its potential.

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