Thursday 18 February 2016

AoC South Africa, Simonstown, February 16th 2016

The questions this week were around litter, the Simons Town fire and why people cut down trees, and the conversation was around the need to get to know earth as mother (..'because then we'd care...who would harm a mother?'....said one of the children).  Sun is father, warm and fun.  And air connects us all, even people who don't want to share the beaches.  The children shared that trying to keep people away from the sea because of litter or hurting the environment isn't helpful.  We've got to see the sea and all the animals to realize that pollution hurts life in the sea.  We have to learn about them and what they need, not banish people. (Nicci)

I learned that you can't survive without trees because they give us oxygen (Sihle M)

I love my mother because she brought me to this beautiful world.  I thank my mother and my father.  We must not pollute our lovely world (Solule)

I learned that everybody needs to be heard.  So from today onwards I will hear everyone who needs to be heard.  #Peace to our world. (No name)

When I look at the ocean it makes me happy about it.  It sends a picture to my mind of me swimming there (Khanya)

I think that the sea is for everyone and not for one person only.  People need to learn more about the sea and animals so they won't throw papers in the sea (Lisakhanya)

I hate pollution because it makes greenhouse gas around the earth.  I love snorkeling and swimming.  I love trees because they give us oxygen.  (Lauren).

I think people are polluting the sea because they are littering but the animals in the sea can eat the litter and they may die. We should keep the earth clean and care for the environment we live in (Jaimie-Lee)

I just want the world to be free and clean.  If the ocean is clean, it would mean the world to me!  The ocean is the most beautiful thing in the entire world.  I Sihle love the ocean!  (Sihle K)

Dig a hole about 3m deep and plant a seed or pine cone.  Fill it with compost and give it water everyday.  Give it a good sunny spot and nurture it till it grows into a full grown tree (Ruben).

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