Tuesday 1 March 2016

SA AoC, Simons Town, Seaforth Beach, February 23 2016

We went to Seaforth Beach yesterday, and we looked at different ways of knowing the world.  We can learn through the stories others tell us, or through our senses.  We splashed in the water, felt the sand, the different textures of the rock, and watched on of the penguins for a little while.

I'm going to use my voice to not litter in the sea and save the animals by keeping it clean (no name).

I would like to use my voice to speak for the ocean and help it.  It's not nice to pollute or misuse the Earth because it's Gods'.  He lent it to us, so we can treat it with respect (Tinotenda).

Last week was very spectacular and interesting because I learned about the different things in the sea and I found out I have a right to be heard just like everything in the world.  And I hope to find a loud voice with Agents of Change.  (Abigail).

The sea needs more care.  We must guard it.  It is a beautiful place and we need to look after it.  We need to experience a chance of being in the water.  (No name).

I've learned our voices are also important and we can show people how we feel about the sea and make the earth a better place (Jamie Lee)

Thank you to young Reuben (12 years old) and Scott  for these images, and thank you Nicci for continuing AoC work in Simonstown.

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