Tuesday 30 September 2014

SA AoC Rondebosch East Primary 30 September 2014

I have no words. (Ilyaas)

The orange jacket made me feel like I'm able to do things (Liam).

I thought the pole was extremely long (Seth).

No one could stop me (Brent).

I felt good about myself showing people not to pollute (Jason).

I felt so normal big and fat (Deen)

I felt that I was standing for a noble cause to stop pollution (Muthafar)

I felt good because I knew I was doing something good and it would benefit us in the future :) (Melissa)

It felt good holding the pole and to answer the question (Ammaarah)

It felt so good to be able to answer everyone's questions and making them aware.  It also felt so good to wear the life jacket :)  (Laeeqa)

I felt like I was safe and knew now what could happen.  I also liked to blow the whistle (Mia)

Even though I didn't hold the sculpture, it was still fun to ask questions and it was very educating (Azhaar)

I enjoyed the experience of holding the meter stick.  It taught me how to work out the level of the sea and what pollution could cause.  It was also very fun to ask the questions. (Nuha).

I enjoyed this experience and learn about pollution.  It was also fun wearing the life jacket and meter stick. (Jodi)

I enjoyed holding the meter stick in my hands.  Wearing the life jacket made me feel special. (no name).

I wore the life jacket and learned how to act as an individual and interact with others (Nuha)

I experienced a lot. I learned that we must not pollute the water or anything else because in a few years time it will become bad. (Jordan).

. . . (Salmaan)

Thank you Nicci Attfield for facilitating and thank you to the photographers in the group!

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