Tuesday 23 September 2014

SA AoC at Rondebosch East Primary School September 22 2014

By Nicci Attfield

I was lucky enough to take part in a heritage day assembly at Rondebosch East Primary School.  We went to donate an olive tree.  Because it was heritage day, the principal, Mr Petersen, reminded the children of remembering earth and nature, and of bringing forward a healthy society for the children yet to come.

Ah, and the olive tree:  it's a South African olive tree, and it was chosen because universally, olive trees are a symbol of peace.  It was a long lived medicinal tree, which attracts lots of birds such as loeries, white eyes and cape parrots.  Thrushes sometimes eat their flowers as well.  It is tough and resilient, and it provides shade.  Tea can be made from the leaves, and ink can be made from the juice of the fruit.

Thank you to Adelle at Newcape t-shirt printers who would like to sponsor printing and be part of all future AOC SA projects.

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