Friday 16 April 2010

AOC Muizenberg South Africa 10April 2010

After a very complicated week, James, I feel grateful for the Agents of Change meeting and the chance to explore my concerns around interconnectedness, the chance to feel heard, and the chance to feel whole during the social sculpture exercise. From our talks I have learned that we are connected, yet at the same time there does have to be some sort of focus on ourselves, our own fears and our own concerns, and sometimes just voicing them helps a lot.

There has been a lot to think about this week, and I feel as though Saturday's meeting helped me to take a new direction. James, you helped me to understand the value of listening, and what that means. My friend Jennie and I were talking on Friday night about what it actually means to be the quiet person in the group, and how activists can be so passionate and alive. Jennie said "Just listening can change somebody's life." Feeling listened to on a few different occasions this week, including with Agents of Change, helped me to realise that this is true, and that as a quiet and more gentle person, I still have a lot to offer.

Some reflections run deep, and it takes a while for the ripples to reach the surface. This week has been one of great thought. James, I appreciate both your listening and your sharing with me. Thank you.

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