Friday 16 April 2010

Design and Sustainability: Agents of Change, Informal symposium at Stellenbosch University, 27 March 2010

Stellenbosch Informal Symposium, I learned a lot, and it shaped  a new direction for the work I was doing for my thesis, and my focus for ADIPSA topics as well.  At first, while co-ordinating ADIPSA I focused quite a lot on culture and identity but from the Agents of Change group I learned how this extends out into environment and how dynamic the world is, with people shifting and changing the environment as the world shifts and shapes people.  Reality became more dynamic and in flux, and I felt very motivated.  Joseph Edozien's ( )work on the economy, and taking people out of a hierarchy of oppression and into building trust between groups so that we can explore multiple aspects of reality changed my way of viewing diversity facilitation from searching for voices not heard, to a constant dynamic process of multiple realities.  I appreciated the symposium a lot, and the people who shared within this.  Muizenberg beach Agents of Change brought home the reality of listening and of creating space for all voices to be heard, and the impact this has.  I think it helped change the student passion into something softer and more open. by Nicci Attfield
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